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People were stunned by the cuteness of Abdu Rojic, shared the video and said – someone introduce me

Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 16 has been in the news since its release. The very first episode of this show featured a cat fight. After that, many such things happened on the show that fans had never thought of. But there is a lot of discussion on social media about a contestant on this show. The name of this candidate is Abdu Rojic.

The younger Bhaijaan Abdu Rojic has been in the news since the start of Bigg Boss 16. There is a lot of talk about her on social media. Recently, a video came out of Abdu Rojic in which he could be seen in the swimming pool. After that, another video by Abdu Rojic is now going viral. After seeing this, you too will be struck by the cuteness of Abdu Rojic.

Abdu Rojic’s new video went viral

Abdu Rojic, who starred in Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 16, is a hot topic on social media these days. His videos go viral one by one, which people like a lot. Meanwhile, a fan of Abdu Rojic shared a video of him. Which was created by combining different videos by Abdu Rojic.

Abdu Rojic looks very cute in this video. By sharing this video, a social media user expressed their desire to meet Abdu Rojic. The video’s caption reads, “Love Baby, please introduce that to me.” This video by Abdu Rojic is going very viral on social media.

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