Prabhas' film is in legal trouble and accuses the makers of islamizing "Ramayana".

Prabhas’ film is in legal trouble and accuses the makers of islamizing “Ramayana”.

The controversy surrounding Prabhas, Kati Sanon and Saif Ali Khan’s film Adipurush goes by no fewer names. Now this Ramayana-based film is also in legal trouble.

In fact, the Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha issued a notice on Thursday warning the director of “Adipurush” Om Raut. The Mahasabha’s statement states that either these controversial scenes shown in the film will be removed or legal action will be taken against the creators.

The notice issued to Om Raut states: “Adipurush has been shown to be a misrepresentation of Hindu gods and goddesses. In the teaser, the characters are shown in leather clothing along with the use of offensive language. This hurt the religious feelings of the Hindus.”

Islamization of the Ramayana

In this communication from the Brahmin Mahasabha, the creators were also accused of the Islamization of “Ramayana” by “Adi Purush”. The note says which Hindu gods and goddesses have beards? Questioning the film in the release, the creators were asked, “The appearance of Hanuman ji in the film was shown inspired by Islam.

“Adi Purush” Islamizes the Ramayana of Lord Shri Ram. Apart from that, Brahmin Mahasabha has also raised questions about Saif Ali Khan’s appearance, saying that this film will increase hatred in society, which may prove dangerous for the country.

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