Priyanka Chopra delivered a motivational speech at the United Nations General Assembly, see

Priyanka Chopra delivered a motivational speech at the United Nations General Assembly, see


Speech by Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka Chopra is one of those actresses who often knows how to talk about and fight for social issues. The latest example of this was recently seen when Priyanka addressed a 2022 “SDG Moment” meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, Priyanka said that all is not well in the country and in the world.

Global solidarity is essential: Priyanka

In fact, Priyanka shared some videos and photos to this address from her social media account. In that video, Priyanka said, “We are holding this gathering at a critical time, at a time when solidarity on a global scale is more important than ever… Lives and livelihoods are being impacted, conflicts are escalating, poverty, displacement, hunger and inequalities are undermining the Foundations of the world we’ve fought for so long.

Everything is not perfect in our world – Priyanka

The actress continued, “All is not well in our world…Crises don’t come suddenly, but they can be fixed by a plan…we have that plan, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal…that the world needs to achieve. These goals were launched in 2015 by people from around the world… We have an extraordinary opportunity to change the world we live in.

Priyanka shared her post with the caption

Aside from that, Priyanka shared her post, writing in the caption: “Walking out of the UN gate this morning to speak at the UNGA for the second time as a proud representative of @unicef ​​gave me real satisfaction. .the Sustainable Development Goals are high on this year’s agenda..Today was about action, ambition and hope..It was about what we must do together to make the SDGs a reality and one thing we have to lose even just a moment … special thanks to the Secretary General.

Fans impressed by Priyanka’s motivational piece

In the end, let’s tell Priyanka continued to speak out about children’s education and their rights. The fans are very happy that Priyanka is motivating everyone on such a big platform in the world and also appreciate her progress.

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