Raj Kundra pleads guilty in a pornography case, saying in court: “I am innocent

Raj Kundra pleads guilty in a pornography case, saying in court: “I am innocent


Raj Kundra case update: Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and prominent businessman Raj Kundra has appealed to the court to be cleared of the charges against him of producing pornographic films and selling them on online platforms. Raj Kundra also spent a long time in prison on this charge. Businessman Raj Kundra says he is innocent. At the same time, he has also pleaded for his name to be removed from the case.

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Raj Kundra was imprisoned for pornography

Raj Kundra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, often makes the headlines for one topic or another. Since Kundra’s name appeared in the pornography case, Raj Kundra has been involved in many discussions. Raj Kundra was arrested by Mumbai police last year in a pornography case. After that, Raj was imprisoned for 2 months. The procedure in this case before the court lasted a long time. Due to the lengthy process, Raj was able to secure bail from the Mumbai hearing court in September. So far, the court has not received any concrete evidence against Raj Kundra. That’s why he hasn’t been convicted yet. Because of this, Raj Kundra now wants him acquitted in this case.


Raj Kundra has applied to the court for a remedy in the pornography case. At the same time, as soon as the opposition found out about it, he began to oppose this cause. The opposition replied that we have a lot of evidence against Raj Kundra and that we are against this claim. Prashant Patil, Raj Kundra’s attorney, said that we are ready to argue in this matter. We have full confidence in the court and its justice. Patil said in court that all allegations against Raj Kundra were unfounded. There is no concrete evidence against Raj and we will fight this matter in court based on evidence.

Model and actress had asked the police to investigate

Last year, Raj Kundra was accused in the Mumbai Police’s criminal division of making pornographic films and selling them online. At that time, some models and struggling actresses took the name of Raj Kundra. And he was accused of forcibly forcing him to work in a porn film. First the police investigated this matter and then Raj Kundra was arrested. In addition to Raj Kundra, eleven other people were named as accused in this case. After this matter came to light, many actresses also accused Raj Kundra and they said that Raj Kundra is associated with porn movies.

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