Rakhi Sawant spotted in a bridal look with Adil, users said - Married!

Rakhi Sawant spotted in a bridal look with Adil, users said – Married!

Rakhi Sawant: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant is in the news about her new boyfriend. Significantly, Rakhi Sawant is very active on social media. The actress often shares her pictures and videos with fans on social media. In this episode, the actress has shared some pictures of her boyfriend Adil (Rakhi Adil) that are dominating the internet world.

seen in wedding attire

Speaking of the latest pictures, Rakhi Sawant is seen in a bridal look. Her boyfriend Adil can also be seen with the drama queen. These pictures of Rakhi and Adil are making the rounds on social media. This couple looks very beautiful in wedding attire.

Adil wrote a special post

Sharing pictures with Rakhi Sawant, Adil wrote, “I wear the smile you gave.” This beautiful caption by Adil catches users’ attention. The couple of Rakhi and Adil are very popular among the fans and these pictures of them are going viral on social media like mad. Along with the fans, many celebrities shower their love.

secretly married

Seeing the pictures of Rakhi Sawant and Adil in this wedding look, fans spill their love. However, after these pictures of her, such speculation that Rakhi did not secretly get married to Adil. So far, however, Rakhi and Adil have received no response on the matter.

The name is assigned to them before Adil

Let us tell you that before Adil, the drama queen’s name was associated with many people. Before Adil, the actress called a person named Ritesh her husband, although their relationship did not last long and they both broke up.

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