Ranveer Singh's tears flowed over winning the Filmfare Award

Ranveer Singh’s tears flowed over winning the Filmfare Award


Ranveer Singh Video: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. At the same time, the actor shared his happiness by post (Ranveer Singh Post). Ranveer posted a video on his official Instagram account showing how he gets emotional while holding the award.

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God told the parents

In the video, Karan Johar can be seen announcing Ranveer Singh’s name for best actor. Afterwards, Ranveer happily runs onto the stage and starts giving a speech with the award in hand. Ranveer gets emotional and says that credit for this goes to my god, i.e. my parents and my Didi. Not only that, Ranveer calls his wife Deepika Padukone the “Lakshmi” of the house, drags her onto the stage and showers her with love by kissing her in front of everyone.

thanked the audience

On Saturday, Ranveer shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “POV (view): You’re living a dream.” Let’s share that Ranveer Singh won the Best Actor Award for his film 83. As soon as he receives this award, Ranveer’s emotions come out of his tongue and he says: “Whatever happens in my life is beyond my imagination. Sometimes I can’t even believe I’m here, doing this, and standing in front of all of you. Every day I can’t believe I became an actor. It’s a miracle.’

Said Deepika Padukone ‘Lakshmi’

Thanking the family for the success, Ranveer added, “My biggest thanks to my audience for being a part of my journey and allowing me to live my dream. Whatever I am, I am because of my parents and because of my Didi. He is god to me. Whatever I do, I do for God, and I owe what I am today to my parents and sister. he is my god Goddess Lakshmi resides in my house. Here is the secret of my success. Ranveer drags Deepika onto the stage and kisses her, expressing her love.

sister in law made fun of

When Deepika’s sister Anisha Padukone saw Ranveer crying on stage, she poked fun at him and commented, “Who chop onions?”. Aside from that, Ayushmann Khurrana including Abhishek Bachchan, Neelam Kothari have also commented on the clip and showed love for the respect Ranveer is being shown.

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