Ravana converted to Islam from Ramayana?  Hurt the feelings of Hindus.

Ravana converted to Islam from Ramayana? Hurt the feelings of Hindus.

The teaser of Prabha, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon’s film “Adipurush” burst into the limelight immediately after its release. The audience was very excited for the teaser of the most anticipated movie of the year “Adipurush”, but after the teaser release, the audience doesn’t look happy. Since the release of the teaser, users have objected to the character of Ravana featured in Aadipurush. Trolling has started fiercely not only over the Ravana character’s appearance but also over VFX effects.

Did Ravana convert from Ramayana to the Muslim religion?

The story of Om Raut’s directorial film Adipurush is based on Ramayana. The main actor of this movie is Prabhas in the role of Lord Ram while Saif Ali Khan plays Lankesh Ravana. But the audience is not happy with the looks of Saif Ali Khan in this movie. After seeing the teaser, Saif’s Ravana looks are being heavily trolled on social media. The Ravan hashtag is trending on Twitter due to trolling.

Trollers say that Ravana is seen as a Shiva devotee, while Saif’s Ravana look seems to be inspired by some of the feared Mughal rulers. Users tag these looks of Saif by him, Allah Uddin Khilji, Mohammad Ghazni, Rizwan and many more Muslim names. The user says that Ravana was a Hindu Brahmin and Saif is seen in this film with a modern haircut and long beard as if Ravana converted from the Ramayana to Islam.

The fans’ anger was also vented to Ravana’s vehicle.

In the film’s teaser, Saif Ali Khan is shown riding a giant demonic bird. Fans have also objected. One user wrote Ravana’s vehicle was Pushpak and not a demon and Ravana was a major religious figure and not a demon. Not only that, but trollers are also comparing “Adipurush” to Ramayana by Ramanand Sagar.

Users are seen calling Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana like a match. In particular, Ravana from the ancient Ramayana is compared to Saif Ali Khan who became Ravana in Adi Purush. And they also talk about hurting Hindu feelings when Ravana is shown in Adi Purush.

The flying joke of VFX

After watching the teaser, the user says it was published in a hurry. The film’s VFX are getting more and more fun on social media. So many users said they like to watch cartoon. One user commented: “After the Aadipurush teaser, I can say that a lot of hard work has been done on the Brahmastra VFX.

Respect for Ayan grew. After seeing the teaser of Aadipurush I want to go to the cinema but the VFX punch will be missing. Another user wrote: “Big budget cartoon”. A user says: “The teaser is very bad. It’s like an animated film. The VFX is so bad that there are good photos in cartoon channels.Let us tell you that the poster of ‘Adipurush’ was also disliked by users. There was a lot of trolling about the poster.

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