Said: I am very close to Vijay, he always stands by me

Said: I am very close to Vijay, he always stands by me

Actress Rashmika Mandanna spoke about her equation with Vijay Deverakonda in a recent interview, saying that she and Vijay are very close friends. At the same time, she also shared that she often monitors what is happening on social media. Although she doesn’t discuss any of these things with Vijay.

People focus on us

Discussing speculation about Vijay dating Rashmika, Rashmika said, “I understand that we’re actors and we’re all human focused. People always want to know more about us. I watch what’s happening on social media, some videos look very cute but Vijay and I never talk about it.

Rashmika continues: “We have a gang of 15 people and when we have the opportunity we play board games instead of doing all those things. We’re actors, but our friends are very important to us and that gives us strength.

I’m very close to Vijay

Speaking further about her equation with Vijay, Rashmika says, “I’ve always known that Vijay was always there for me. I’m very close to Vijay, so if I want to ask something in the industry, I go to him. He always stands by me. We share everything with each other and also discuss.

Rashmika has dated Vijay Deverakonda

Rashmika previously dated Vijay Deverakonda. At the time of dating, the two had made films together such as Geeta Govindam (2018) and Dear Comrade (2019). The two had become close while filming, but they parted ways about two years ago. So far, however, the reason for their breakup has not been disclosed.

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