Sanjay Mishra caught in affair of earning 3 thousand rupees watches the trailer

Sanjay Mishra caught in affair of earning 3 thousand rupees watches the trailer


Woh 3 Trailer: The official trailer of Sanjay Mishra’s most anticipated film, Woh 3, is here. In the trailer, Sanjay stars in the role of a common man named Rambharose who happens to be a rickshaw puller. However, this humble rickshaw puller seems to be in big trouble when it comes to earning Rs 3,000.

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Tension shown in the trailer

The 1 minute 19 second trailer starts with a voice asking for someone’s name and address, and then another voice says, “Which rickshaw wala kahan kisi ka naam address pako ke sit hai hai”. Shortly thereafter, Sanjay is seen pulling a rickshaw on a bridge while Rajesh Sharma is sitting on it. At the same time, Chanda Roy Sanyal is seen tricking Sanjay into doing some work in three days in exchange for Rs 3,000.

Risk taken for wife and daughter

Sanjay accepts this offer to take good care of his daughter and wife, even though it seems to get him into a lot of trouble. His life is filled with mystery, drama, crime and fear after accepting the offer. The trailer ends with Rambharose (Sanjay Mishra) announcing, “I will never do that again. I am an honest man.’

The film will be released on that day

Sanjay Mishra shared the trailer on his social media page and wrote: “Blessings from #PitambariMata for #Datia with love to all at least the three of us.” Directed by Raj Ashu and scripted by Seppi Jha, the film is due out on In theaters September 30th. Also starring are Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rajesh Sharma, Payal Mukherjee, Rakesh Srivastava, Ram Singh Rajput and Purva Parag.

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