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Shatrughan Sinha supports KRK


Shatrughan Sinha About KRK: Actor Kamal R. Khan, who describes himself as the industry’s best critic, is currently in custody. The actor was arrested by Mumbai police at the airport on August 30 and subsequently remanded in Borivali court for 14 days. While all the stars in the industry are rejoicing at KRK’s arrest, on the other hand, Shatrughan Sinha has been seen supporting him and saying big things.

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Shatrughan Sinha came out to support Kamal

Let us share that veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha posted not one not two but three tweets in support of Kamal Rashid Khan and expressed hope for his release soon. The actor tagged Kamal in his tweet, writing: “Nobody should forget Kamal Rashid Khan. Everyone should remember that despite great odds and struggles, KRK is a self-made man, he is blessed by the Almighty. He has carved a place for himself in both the film industry and society. Self-employed.’

said KRK fearlessly

While praising KRK, Shatrughan Sinha continued to write, “His biggest asset was his confidence. He speaks without fear or favor. They are not afraid to speak their minds against all odds as they are free to freely express their views and opinions/expressions within the limits of the law/constitution. Even if it is not accepted.

desire for justice

The actor wrote in his third tweet: “He appears to be the victim of a conspiracy of circumstances. God bless you. Hope, wish and pray that Kamal Rashid Khan gets the justice he deserves. Jai Hind!’

Why was KRK arrested?

Let us inform that Kamal R. Khan who was arrested on August 30th is currently in custody. At the same time, information emerged about the actor’s deteriorating health shortly after he was taken into custody. Not only that, KRK’s difficulties seem to continue to mount. Recently, a coach accused Kamal of harassment. Significantly, Kamal was arrested for his controversial tweet at the age of three.

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