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Singer Receives Relief from Supreme Court, Remaining in Criminal Case for Dovecote


Daler Mehndi Gets Bail: Big news has come out about the famous singer Daler Mehndi. Actually, the news is that Punjab High Court and Haryana Daler Mehndi brought great relief. The High Court stayed the lower court’s two-year sentence. Let’s tell you, the Patiala court had found him guilty and sentenced him to two years in prison, which has now been suspended.

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Daler Mehndi gets bail

In July, the judge dismissed an appeal against Mehndi’s sentence for additional sessions, which sent him to prison. In 2003, a case against Daler Mehndi was registered. In 2018, the Patiala Judicial Magistrate Court sentenced him to two years in prison and a Rs 2,000 fine after a nearly 15-year hearing. Since the sentence is less than 3 years, Daler Mehndi was released on bail at the same time.

Penalty in dovecote case forbidden

A total of 31 lawsuits against Daler and Shamsher Mehndi have been registered in the United States. Both have reportedly been accused of having stolen large sums of money in the past by illegally sending people abroad. In this case, the court sentenced the singer Daler Mehndi to two years in prison after 15 years, i.e. in 2018. However, Daler Mehndi’s lawyer challenged this decision in the Patiala Court, after which he was sentenced to two years.

Daler Mehndi was punished in this case

In this case, the accused Bulbul Mehta was acquitted. Two other defendants in the case Shamsher Singh and Dhyan Singh have died and now Daler Mehndi has finally gotten bail. Let us tell you, Daler Mehndi has also sung many songs in Punjabi and Bollywood.

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