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Sonali Phogat case: CBI will now investigate the death of Sonali Phogat: Goa Government


Sonali Phogat Case: Now the Goa Government has made a major decision in the case of Sonali Phogat’s death. News comes that in this case the Goa Police will refer the matter to CBI and CBI will investigate the matter further. Let us tell you, the doctors at the hospital had pronounced him dead and now a new mode has come in this case.

In this case Goa Police arrested Sonalis PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sudhir Sangwan along with him. At the same time, the Goan government has now decided to refer the matter to the CBI. The Sonali Phogat murder case is now under investigation by the CBI. Goa Police will turn entire case over to CBI.

Let us tell you that in this case, Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara Phogat also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday and also requested that the investigation into the Sonali Phogat case be conducted by the CBI.

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