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Sunny Deol was accused of cheating by this producer, saying “Didn’t work…no money returned”


Sunny Deol: Filmmaker Sunil Darshan accused Sunny Deol of cheating in a recent interview. Sunil made the claim, saying that Sunny signed a film with him but subsequently refused to do the film. Not only that, but Sunny didn’t even return the money that was taken at the time the film was signed.

Sunil blames Sunny

Battles between filmmakers and actors are nothing new in Bollywood. During filming, the conversation between the producers and the stars is disrupted for many reasons. There was a time in the 90’s when Sunil Darshan and Sunny Deol worked together in hit films like Lootera and Intakam. But now the situation is different. Recently, Sunil Darshan made a serious allegation against Sunny. In an interview, Sunil said that even after signing his film, Sunny did not work in it and cheated on him.

Revealed in an interview

Sunil revealed this in a recent interview with RJ Siddharth. In the interview, Sunil revealed that Sunny Deol worked with him on the film Ajay. After that, Sunny had promised that he would work with her in the next film, so Sunil also supported Sunny in his career for 1 year. But after signing the film and taking money, Sunny refused to work on the film, saying that more work was needed on the film’s subject matter. In addition, the money was not even returned for the time of signing.

Film had to end without a climax

Sunil and Sunny collaborated on the 1996 film Ajay. In the interview, Sunil also said that the film “Ajay” had to be released without the climax. Because Sunil didn’t even come to the shoot to finish the film. Sunny went to London for some time between shootings, from where he did not return in time, which is why the final shooting of the film could not be carried out. After that, Sunny refused to finish shooting the film and eventually the film had to be released without a climax. Aside from that, Sunny also signed Sunil’s next film, but he didn’t either. Then Sunil cast Akshay Kumar in his next film, which turned out to be a blockbuster.

The film was successful at the box office

This film that dominated the Sunil box office is none other than Beast. In which Sunil first took on Sunny Deol, later taking on Akshay Kumar in the lead role. This film was one of the super hit films of its time. This film was very fortunate for Akshay Kumar’s career because many Akshay Kumar films had flopped before. After this blockbuster, Akshay started to work a lot in films.

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