Sushmita Sen breaks silence after being called 'Gold Digger'

Sushmita Sen breaks silence after being called ‘Gold Digger’


Sushmita Lalit controversy: Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is getting the spotlight for her private life these days. Recently, Lalit Modi shared private pictures and referred to Sushmita as his “better half”. However, after the marriage rumors, he also clarified that he and Sushmita are still in a relationship, soon they will also get married. Since then, Sushmita has been heavily trolled, with some people even calling her “Gold Digger”. The actress responded appropriately to the trollers, breaking the silence with a social media note.

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Sushmita Sen shared a post

The note Sushmita Sen shared on her official Instagram story is going very viral right now. The actress wrote in a lengthy note: “When a girl dates a guy who is richer than her. Then this girl’s name is Gold Digger. But when a boy does that, he’s not told that.’

Actress in relationship with Lalit Modi

Let us tell you that the actress has been trolled a lot since announcing her relationship with former IPL chairman Lalit Modi, after which she gave an appropriate response to the trollers by posting on her social media account. At the same time, the actress’ latest post also refers to the fact that the trollers have stopped talking.

Lalit-Suhmita’s property

Let us tell you that Lalit Modi is one of the famous businessman. He is credited with founding the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the country. Although Lalit Modi has a long association with controversy, he has long been in London and is also the most wanted in many fraud cases in India. According to an estimate, Lalit Modi’s net worth is US$57 million (about Rs.4,555 billion). On the other hand, Sushmita Sen is no less a millionaire either. Yes, you know that Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is also an entrepreneur who owns many luxury vehicles. Sushmita Sen reportedly has a net worth of about Rs 74 million and earns about Rs 9 million annually and Rs 60,000 per month.

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