The fans were amazed to see Namrata Malla's gorgeous performances

The fans were amazed to see Namrata Malla’s gorgeous performances


Namrata Malla video: AActress Namrata Malla is driving everyone crazy with her bold and hot look. Not only that, Namrata Malla name is also included in the top actress in bhojpuri industry. The tremendous style of the actress makes fans drunk. His actions are so deadly that everyone falls victim to him. At the same time, Namrata is also known for her dance. After seeing Namrata’s dance, everyone feels like dancing.

Namrata Malla’s expression made people swoon

Namrata Malla shared a video on her official Instagram account. In the video, the actress wears a red and yellow lehenga. You can also see Namrata forcing fans to keep their eyes peeled as he shows the fusion of traditional and western looks. In this video, Namrata Malla dances violently while singing her latest song, Laal Ghagra. The facial expression of the actress in the video is so interesting that everyone is intoxicated.

The actress’s movements won the hearts of fans

Watching Namrata Malla’s performance, all eyes don’t take their eyes off of her. In this video, the actress blows people’s senses by making one move after another. When Namrata shared this video, she wrote in the caption – #lalghagra. Like every Namrata video, fans like this video a lot. Let us tell you that the video has received 7,368 likes so far. Additionally, users build bridges of praise for the actress by commenting on her.

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