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This time not a single cloth was shown on Urfi Javed’s body, the troll said – this world will end

Urfi Javed keeps conducting shocking experiments with his looks. This time, too, his look is the subject of discussion. Looking at these pictures of Urfi, it seems that she is not wearing any clothes. She is standing and holding a painted glass pane. He painted yellow on this glass. Many people have trolled this look of hers while her close friends think Urfi Javed is hot.


Urfi Javed has been spotted wearing a skirt of watches in the past. Before that, she always takes risks with outfits. Now her latest photoshoot has surfaced. There is no fabric to be seen on Urfi’s body. She just stands there and holds the glass.

This glass has yellow paint in two places. Urfi has previously surprised people by attaching flowers and sometimes silverwork to her body. Her mother Zakia Sultan liked this shoot of Urfi. As always, if his close friends like it, he’ll be trolled too.

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