This wolf goes to the big boss and craves every Roti', Rakhi spits poison for friend Adil

This wolf goes to the big boss and craves every Roti’, Rakhi spits poison for friend Adil

Until now you have heard Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Adil talk like lovers to the media. But recently, Rakhi Sawant Adil called a nalla and a wolf in front of the paparazzi. For what happened that until now Rakhi was restless about marrying Adil soon and now suddenly started spitting poison for her.

The wolf longing for a loaf of bread

Rakhi Sawant, who often describes Adil as a caring partner on camera, has surprised everyone with her new statement. A new video by Rakhi Sawant is going viral on social media. In this video, Rakhi talks to the paparazzi.

Rakhi says on camera: “I don’t know where he is Adil’s child, Nalla he is, there is a wolf hidden behind an innocent face.” Rakhi goes on to say, “When I look and stick with it, I hold on to myself. I want Adil to go to Bigg Boss and pine for every Roti. If he goes there, he will know the price of legumes and flour.

Please don’t say it adil

On the one hand, Rakhi spits out poison for Adil in his absence in front of the camera, but at the same time she is afraid that Adil might not know all this. Discussing all this about Adil, the drama queen tells the cameraman that it’s okay not to tell her all this.

Then in the next part of the video you can see how Rakhi behaves exactly the opposite of what he said. Rakhi’s romance begins again once Adil arrives and says to Adil, “Baby, I vowed to you that if you go to Bigg Boss you will be the winner.” Rakhi again tells the paparazzi not to tell Adil what I said.

“Cohabitation out of wedlock is a crime in Islam, too”

Ever since Adil entered Rakhi’s love life, the couple have been in discussions. Rakhi and Adil’s recently released romantic song “Tu Mere Dil Mein Rehne Ke Layak Nahi” was also released. Let us tell you that this couple is cohabiting.

Rakhi said in an interview that Adil should get married because life without marriage is a crime in Islam too. But Adil said about marrying Rakhi that he would like to have more time to understand each other better.

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