Urvashi Rautela fell into a trap while sharing a video with Naseem Shah

Urvashi Rautela fell into a trap while sharing a video with Naseem Shah


Urvashi Rautela mocked over Naseem Shah’s meme: Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela has once again made headlines for her cricket connections. Urvashi, who has been involved in discussions over the dispute with Rishabh Pant, was linked to Pakistani fast-bowler Naseem Shah the day before. In fact, Urvashi shared an edited video that went viral on social media on Instagram Story, after which she once again took the spotlight. However, now Urvashi has broken it and has been seen making a special request to the media.

Urvashi Rautela shared the edited video

It is worth mentioning that the day before, Urvashi Rautela had reached Dubai Stadium to watch the match between India and Pakistan at Asia T20 Cup 2022. With this in mind, a video was edited and went viral on social media. In this clip, Urvashi Rautela is first seen in the stadium, after which images of Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah were added to show that he blushed when he saw Urvashi. Not only that, things caught fire when Urvashi shared the clip on her Instagram as well.

Naseem Shah refuses to recognize Urvashi Rautela

This video by Urvashi and Naseem Shah went so viral that a number of questions emanated from both of them. Meanwhile, a video of this question to Naseem Shah is shown in the internet world, where he says about Urvashi: “Smile comes to your question… I don’t know who Urvashi is. . I just focus on my match. Usually people send me videos but I don’t know. There’s nothing special about me, but I give thanks and a lot of respect to the people who come to see cricket.

The actress had to clarify

Urvashi, who was trolled by sharing the edited video with Naseem Shah, has now broken the silence about it. While posting a note to her Instagram Story, the actress wrote, “A few days ago my team shared some cute edited videos. Even without the knowledge of the third person. I ask the media not to make any news about this. Thank you all for your love.’

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