Was Prabhas shocked after seeing the Adipurush teaser?  This video of Prabhas in Ayodhya is going viral

Was Prabhas shocked after seeing the Adipurush teaser? This video of Prabhas in Ayodhya is going viral

The teaser of Southern superstar Prabhas’ highly anticipated film Aadipurush has been causing quite a stir on social media since it was released. Based on the Hindu religious saga Ramayana, the audience is very dissatisfied with the looks of the characters shown in the teaser of this film. Trolling continues for many things in the film’s teaser. Now this movie seems to be a more serious topic than entertainment. Even now another video regarding the teaser controversy of this movie has gone viral, in this video fans claim that Prabhas looks very angry at the teaser video too.

Why Prabhas got angry at Adi Purush teaser launch in Ayodhya

For your information let us tell you that the teaser of Prabhas’ film Adipurush was first shown in Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya. During this time, a video clip of Prabhas filmed after the teaser screening went viral. This clip is linked to the ongoing controversy surrounding the film’s teaser. In the video, Prabhas can be seen having a tough conversation with the film’s director, Om Raut.

Regarding this video shared on social media, fans claim that this video shows the reaction of Prabhas after showing the teaser of Adi Purush in Ayodhya. Seeing the teaser, Prabhas seems unhappy with the creators. Hard expressions from Prabhas can be seen in the video asking Director Om to come to his room.

Prabhas-Kriti’s chemistry is right, but Saif doesn’t match Ravana’s looks

The biggest reason for the controversy that has arisen regarding the teaser is the unthinkable looks of the characters of Ramayana. The appearance of many such characters with Ravana lace haircut and Hanuman ji in leather jacket has disappointed the audience. Even people have accused the creators of hurting the feelings of Hindus. However, audiences have no complaints about Prabhas’ appearance in the character of Lord Ram. If there’s something that audiences liked about the film’s teaser, it’s the chemistry between Prabhas and Kriti.

The flying joke of VFX

After watching the teaser, the user also says that it looks like it was released in a hurry. The film’s VFX are a lot of fun on social media, with many users even saying that it looks like they’re watching an animated film. One viewer wrote: “The teaser is very bad. It’s like an animated film. VFX is so bad cartoon channels have good photos.

Let us tell you that the poster of ‘Adipurush’ users didn’t like either. There was also a lot of trolling about the poster. Let us tell you that this film shot on a budget of 500 crores will be released in many languages ​​next year. The film hits theaters on January 12, 2023.

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