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What will be special about Bigg Boss 16 besides TV, when, where, how to watch online, here are the details!

Bigg Boss, rumored to be the most popular show on the small screen, is about to launch. Bigg Boss season 16 begins October 1st. As the premiere date of this smash hit reality show directed by Salman Khan approaches, the excitement for the show is mounting in viewers’ hearts twice as fast. In fact, the show’s teasers are being released in the last few days. Each teaser features Salman Khan in a new avatar. Sometimes he is seen in the role of Magembo and other times he scares people by becoming a Sholay’s Gabbar. In such a situation, the fans’ interest in the show also increases more and more.

Big Boss Season 16 will air on the Colors channel starting October 1st. Show host Salman Khan has revealed in the Bigg Boss promo that the show will be different this time. He has said that this time Bigg Boss will also play the game. What the secret is in this matter is not yet clear. But it is certain that the format of the show will see many changes this time. In the latest promo, Salman Khan reveals that fans of the show can watch Bigg Boss without a TV. So let us tell you in detail when, where and how to watch Bigg Boss away from TV.

You can watch Bigg Boss season 16 on TV, which will start airing on October 1st. Weekday show times are at 10pm and weekend times have been set at 9:30pm. But what if the TV is not in the front? Besides the TV, you can also watch the show on your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

How to watch Bigg Boss season 16 live on mobile, tablet or laptop?

You can also watch Bigg Boss season 16 show on your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. To do this, you need to subscribe to the OTT app Voot. On this app you can stream the show anytime outside of 24 hours. That means even if you’re not near the TV or on your way to the office or even on the go, you can still watch it. Such scenes from the show are also shown in the app and sorted on TV.

It is reported that this time the tasks given to the contestants in Bigg Boss’s house will be completed in one day. A Green Room will also appear in Bigg Boss this time. Who this room was made for has not yet been announced. Speaking of attendees, the name of Tajikistan’s singer and social media sensation Abdu Rojic has been confirmed as the first person to enter Bigg Boss’s home. Apart from that, Manya Singh, Sumbul Tauqeer and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia will also appear in Bigg Boss 16, it is said.

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