When Munmun Dutta was in love with an actor 15 years her junior, the actress survived in prison

When Munmun Dutta was in love with an actor 15 years her junior, the actress survived in prison

35th birthday of Munmun Dutta

Munmun Dutta Birthday: ‘Babitaji’ aka Munmun Dutta Birthday from the famous TV show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ celebrates her 35th birthday today. On this occasion, not only the fans but also big personalities of the TV industry congratulate. Actress Munmun Dutta, who began her career with Hum Sab Baraati, has always been a source of controversy. Sometimes the actress has had to go to jail for using the word casteist, and other times she’s had to face a lot of trolling for dating a younger actor. Learn about the controversies surrounding Munmun Dutta’s life in this special report from BollywoodLife.

Armaan Kohli was accused of assault

Munmun Dutta and actor Armaan Kohli became close in 2008. But in the same year both separated. During this time, Munmun had accused Armaan of the attack. At the same time, he had also filed an FIR against the actor.

The name has been associated with Raj Anadkat

Munmun Dutta’s name has also been linked to Raj Anadkat, who is 15 years his junior. Raj plays the character of Tappu in the show “Taarak Mehta”. After this news, both were trolled a lot on social media. Later, both Munmun and Raj denied this fact.

Had to use strong casteistic word

Actress Munmun Dutta used a casteistic word during a video that got her in a lot of trouble. In relation to this, a Dalit activist from Hansi had filed a lawsuit against Munmun under the SC/ST law. In this case, the actress later had to apologize.

This has been said about Buddhism

Earlier this year, a tweet on behalf of Munmun Dutta made a controversial statement about Buddhism that went viral. After that old tweet went viral, Munmun had to face a lot of trolling on social media. However, it later turned out to be a conspiracy against Munmun.

Munmun Dutta was sexually abused during her childhood

During the MeToo campaign, Munmun Dutta revealed that she was sexually abused as a child. He had accused his cousin, tutor and hospital doctor of inappropriately touching her.

The stick ran after Amit Bhatt

Munmun Dutta once ran after actor Amit Bhatt, who played Bapuji on the show Taarak Mehta, with a stick. In fact, Amit Bhatt threw Munmun a fake snake, after which the actress did it out of anger.

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