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While dancing in the rain, Urfi wore a negligible blouse, the man in the wet red sari was teased.

Urfi Javed Haye Haye ja Majboori: The paparazzi are celebrating Urfi Day today i.e. October 11, 2022 for Urfi Javed who was a contestant of TV actress Bigg Boss OTT. On that day, Urfi shared a video on social media showing Urfi dancing in the rain in a red sari with a small blouse and thin straps. Urfi also harassed a person dancing in the video. Let’s watch this video and also learn about the story behind it.

While dancing in the rain, Urfi wore a minimal blouse

As we just told you, Urfi shared a video on Instagram of the actress dancing in a red sari in the rain. Besides Urfi’s bold dance moves and style, it was her bold and sexy blouse that drew people in the most. Let’s say that in Urfi’s blouse there was not much fabric, it was tied with the support of only two thin cords.

The man in a wet red sari was molested..

Not only was Urfi Javed’s blouse short, the length of his sari was negligible. In the video, it can be seen that Urfi made a thin strip of fabric, or rather a piece of fabric, as the side of her saree. In the video, after a hot dance in the rain, Urfi called the cameraman over and started flirting with him. Let us tell you this is no ordinary video, Urfi released his new song “Haye Haye Yeh Majboori”. These moments are included in the video for this song.

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